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Graveyard (id:JonathanDeath)
Location: LOL Area of Republic of Ireland

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About JonathanDeath

my kik is DementedGoth

Jonathan Molko Morgandorfor hear on My new profile lol oh lord well hear we go leave while you still can , I am such a big flirt i cant help it lol Id love too just wake up in someones arms dead or alive XD JK but yea I love romance im a sucker for it, I say Rawrrrr i can kiss for hours if im not randomly nibbling the ear off you or nuzzling into you hehehe...

Hmm My Music Tate is Marilyn Manson, Placebo, Deathstar, and Lady Gaga, Metal, Death Metal, Hardcore Trippy, 80's Electro,Thunderdome Albums ha,New Wave ......

Sexually I am repressed JK I just liked thesound of that but have yet too google it

Oh also I am not a people person but if i ever on the 1% chance tell you i like you i mean it like seriously more than a cookie monster shaped cupcake or odish from pokeomon

My friends recently shaved my head when i was asleep?. So yea my long hair is gone and so are my friends :P

I am Wicca just too let u know but never talk or force my religious believes on others have a great day and stay gay
stargatefreek 17 Feb 2014 said...
Poke poke poke ;)
stargatefreek 16 Feb 2014 said...
Hehe pokey poke
stargatefreek 16 Feb 2014 said...
Haha poke poke :)
stargatefreek 16 Feb 2014 said...
Poke poke poke
My Pics

My Stats
Looking forRelationship
Status Single
Out Yes to everyone
Height 160cm / 5'3"
Attire Goth
Weight 53Kg/8.5st/115lb
Hair Colour Multi
Hair Style Medium
Eye Colour Hazel
Body Type Slim
Orientation Gay
Role Versatile
Drink Socially
Smoke No

cuddles emo emo gay gay goth writing

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