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Mommy (id:MotherB)

Location: Lafayette Area of Indiana,United States

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About MotherB
Hi everyone,
My name is Bunny DeAngelo. But, all my friends call me (Mother) Bunny. I will be 50 this October 10. l am a widow. My partner was shot and killed on January 1, 2005. He was a abuser and had anger issue\'s. I have only date once since his passing. It was a horrible experience. The guy was a drugy, alcoholic and a abuser. I through him out after a few weeks. I don\'t know why people take advantage of others. . But, l learned my lesson about people like them. I am 100% gay. I don\'t do women and never will. Sorry , l got tracked for a minute. Here is why I am telling everyone this. That happen about 4 years ago. I decided that this year I really want a decent Mature Daddy Bear type. A guy who will be with me in a long term monogamous relationship. I am looking for a marriage. I don\'t want someone who just wants a free handout or just a place to crash until he can find someone better. I want a husbear for the rest of my life. I want to share my life with a guy that could be monogamous. I would love a very, very proud gay men that loves just me for me. I am renting a house (I don\'t own it). I have no money, l am a poor gay older guy that loves the simple things in life. I know that there are great guys out there. I believe the right guy just doesn\'t know where to find his life partner. If this sounds like what you are missing in your life as well. Please feel free to contact me on my Facebook page or on messenger. I hope this message gets to my prince charming.
I am a very Proud Gay / Bear. I am ‚ú°Jewish - Christian. And I am looking for a Mature Daddy Bear to settle down with in a marriage. I am a non smoker. I don\'t do drugs. I am a very monogamous type of guy. I am HIV (-) negative as well. I am disease free and l am looking for the same in the right guy. I love being myself and I am not ashame to be myself. My favorite colors are any Patel colors. I love cooking and gardening. I also love the hobbies of photography, photo shop and computers. I am a widow and I decided to put myself back on the market. I would not be against falling for the right guy again. If you are a guy who is ready to settle down and you are tired of being alone. I am the perfect guy for you. I am not into games and guys who are considered players. I am a mommy type looking for a Mature older silver Daddy bear type to share my life with.
Take care and God bless you all. Big mommy hugs to everyone. (Mother) Bunny DeAngelo
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Status Single
Out Yes to everyone
Height 185cm / 6'1"
Attire Casual
Weight 105Kg/16.5st/230lb
Hair Colour None
Hair Style None
Eye Colour Blue
Body Type Chubby
Orientation Gay
Drink Never
Smoke No
Drugs No - Hate it

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