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I fly Dinosaurs, Motherfucker. (id:RikkiMinaj)
Make Me Fear More...
Location: Cape Coral Area of Florida,United States

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About RikkiMinaj
I'm 19, pretty much a freelance designer, I LOVE all types of music. Industrial/EBM/Electro/PSYTrance/Euro-Trance/etc
People classify me a "Scene" i guess. others say "goth", I really don't give a shit. I guess I do cross-dress a little, Androgyny is something I strive for... and i don't know way ^.^'
I love Cyber/Victorian fashion. To the people wondering my sex role then why don't you ask me and find out
Mzale 16 Mar 2010 said...
Well, I'd rather have a wig to put on than sewing in all those extensions... I cut my hair short late august last year and now it's back below my shoulder blades again! My hair has a high-speed mode, so as soon as it get another inch, it's ready to be cut again... Bleaching takes its toll, that's for sure...
Mzale 16 Mar 2010 said...
Meph, I'm anti extensions =P I prefer it real or wig only... I have long and mega straight (lol) hair enough to do whatever I want with it anyway, so I wouldn't need any :3
Mzale 15 Mar 2010 said...
There is a slight risk for that to happen, yes... It's the same for me, since I have to bleach it first, which does lot of damage on the hair, though more to the tops than the the rest, but a risk is a risk :3 Gonna buy a wig sometime XD
Mzale 15 Mar 2010 said...
Thanks! It's colored magenta at this very moment, but I'm going back to green again next week :3
My Pics

My Stats
Status Single
Out Yes to everyone
Height 162cm / 5'4"
Weight 53Kg/8.5st/115lb
Hair Colour Black
Hair Style Medium
Eye Colour Other
Body Hair None
Body Type Slim
Cock Size 9"
Cock Type Cut
Orientation Gay
Role Bottom

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