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YourInsecus profile (id:YourInsecu)

Location: Mitcham Area of Croydon,United Kingdom

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About YourInsecu

What ever... so stuff right? Well you wont get an acurate profile of me without chatting to me for a while

I like stuff.

I hate things.

Hate being bored/alone/sober = not good.
Love driving/groups of people/drinking/loud music = very good.

Looking for Mr Right, but not. Fun is good times. If he's out there im sure we'll bump into one another, hopefully sooner but hey. Fun along the way to pass the time...

I like shopping, straightend hair, BEER, money, my car, unplanned nights out, people calling me randomly, flying on planes, emo hair, tight jeans, guys with fit asses.

I hate going home early from a night out, running out of money, having no petrol, nothing good being on TV, being tired, coming out of the cinema after a shit film, bad kissers.

Love to chat, probably say things i shouldnt but hey...

If you want to talk to me, send me a message, i do bite...

But its always fun so IM me or msg me =] i like that
blueplastic 07 Jun 2011 said...
hahaha enjoyed it? that i may have :D
blueplastic 06 Jun 2011 said...
It said you gave me a darn good poking. Now that just sounds me to me :P
boycunt 20 Sep 2009 said...
hey drew!! long time no speak haha
ure face pops up all the times these dayz haha =]

hows it goin handsome??
doodles 05 Sep 2009 said...
fine art and photography,
kinda moving off the dunce stuff
and studying the high renaissance :) x
My Pics

My Stats
Status Single
Out Yes to everyone
Height 175cm / 5'9"
Weight 57Kg/9st/125lb
Hair Colour Multi
Hair Style Short
Eye Colour Blue
Body Hair None
Body Type Slim
Orientation Gay
Safe Sex Always
Role Top
Drink Often
Smoke Socially
Drugs No

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