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Thread: General > Talk > Favourite lyric...any genre ;)

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Posted: 03 Sep 2008
Re: Favourite lyric...any genre ;)
Keeping in line with the anorexia
"They say I'm plump but I throw up all the time"

Plump by Hole

Posted: 03 Sep 2008
Re: Favourite lyric...any genre ;)
there are LOADS, here's a taster:

"Electric shocks?
I love them!
With you- dozen a day
But after a while I wonder
Where's that love you promised me?"

possibly maybe by bjork (i could list about 1000 bjork lyrics i love)

"I'm writing this to say
in a gentle way
Thank You - but no
I will live my life as I
will undoubtedly die - alone"

will never marry by morrissey (again there are a million others)

"Mr. Muscle, gazing boredly
And he checking time did punch me
And I sighed and bleeded like a windfall
Happy bleedy, happy bruisy

I am very happy
So please hit me
I am very happy
So please hurt me"

cripple and the starfish by antony and the johnsons

"It looks like every tower
Is covered in webs
Moving and glistening and rocking
Its babies in rhythm
As the spider of time is climbing
Over the ruins"

coral room by kate bush (the whole song is stunning)

"I always knew I would spend a lot of time alone
No one would understand me
Maybe I should go and live amongst the animals
Spend all my time amongst the animals
And on the tracks I would go they lead to the sea
To be amongst the animals"

animals by cocorosie- sounds a bit trite, but within the context it's sublime

i could go on for a million years

Posted: 03 Sep 2008
Re: Favourite lyric...any genre ;)
"it seems i'm to hip to keep tight lipped" - Cute is What We Aim For. So true.

"Never win first place, I dont support the team I cant take direction, and my socks are never clean" - Pink. My pre-teenage music of choice :P

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