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Posted: 22 Jul 2017
Cardiff Pride '17
I'm off to my very first Pride this year ^_^ Just wondering if anyone else was around for it or if anyone had advice and such :)

Or tell me about the experience of you first Pride, because story sharing is always interesting xD

Posted: 25 Jul 2017
Re: Cardiff Pride '17
I think my first Pride was... 2010? Hopped on a train to London all by myself, met up with someone who at the time I only really knew as the boyfriend of one of my friends. Talked to him a bit on social media before, but had never actually met him in person.

He's now one of my best friends! And I had a generally good time hanging out there and getting slightly tipsy. :3 Didn't do the march or anything, but it was fun. Haven't been to Pride in a while, but only advice I'd have is to have some friends or people to meet up with there - you can end up just kind of wandering around a bit aimlessly if you've not got anyone to hang out with. :p

Posted: 28 Jul 2017
Re: Cardiff Pride '17
My experience of the Plymouth pride event was pretty good it was only set up a few years ago didn't actually go to the march just hung around the bar all day but it was fun met some new people but mostly hung around the people i went with.

These events like everything are what you make of it I found pretty much everyone were open and happy to chat about random stuff and I doubt that varies at different prides :D

Posted: 01 Aug 2017
Re: Cardiff Pride '17
Its possible I'll be at pride cymru, depends on work. assuming the weekend isnt a total clusterfuck i should be around in the day. that being said... work can be a pretty major clusterfuck so fingers crossed
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