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Posted: 05 Apr 2015
I've been massively into Coil again lately and felt it may be an idea to share some of their stuff. For the uninitiated, their influence doesn't get the credit it deserves. Great, incredibly important queer artists: among the first to donate the proceeds from their work to an AIDs charity (the Tainted Love video permanently installed in the MOMA too); they went from doing the metal-bashing industrial I love so much on this track through to influencing Aphex Twin and Autechre with their William Blake and acid influenced (the music and the drug) Love's Secret Domain to the calmer but still intermittently sinister later albums. Their soundtrack for Hellraiser was rejected for being "too scary" and Clive Barker got the idea for it after stealing some fetish mags from Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson. Sleazy directed the infamous Broken mock snuff video for NIN and designed the cover to Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here: personally I hate Pink Floyd but a lot of people don't. Basically, what's not to like?

"See the black sun rise in the solar lodge"
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